Postal Benefits Group has the only certification available on Federal Benefits. As Chartered Federal Benefit Consultants we are able to talk to Postal Employees about any issue surrounding their benefits and retirement. Without this certification, it is impossible to adequately advise and direct an employee on retirement decisions.


Chartered Federal Employee Benefits Consultant is a prestigious designation provided for those who have successfully completed an intensive training course and rigorous examinatino covering all federal employee benefits including - CSRS and FERS annuities (pensions) - Thrift Savings Plan (401K account) - Life Insurance - Health Insurance - Social Security - and much more.

After counseling thousands of Postal employees in our retirement seminars we know what Postal employees want more than anything. They want some help in deciding what is best for them. It's not enough to understand what your benefits are. You need someone to help you understand what those benefits mean to you and your family based on your specific situation.

One of the benefits of meeting with so many employees is we see employees at both ends of the spectrum. We've seen employees who have done everything right, and we've seen employees who have done everything wrong. This experience is priceless and allows us to counsel employees more effectively.