Thrift Savings Plan

The Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) is a defined contribution plan for Postal Employees, designed to aid in the retirement savings process.

While most employees know what the TSP is, they don't understand it's role in their retirement. With each employee there are different factors that go into how much you should contribute to your TSP and what funds you should be using within the TSP. The vast majority of employees are playing with fire in one way or another and are setting themselves up for a big disappointment when it comes time to retire. Below are a few of the areas where we assist employees with their TSP:

  • Explain the funds to you and help you decide which funds are best for you.
  • Help you understand how the money can be used in retirement without the threat of running out of money too soon.
  • We help you understand ALL your options and not just the ones the Post Office gives you. In almost every case it is NOT in the employees best interest to leave their TSP with the government. The government has never and never will be in the money management business and it's important employees understand.
  • We help you protect your heirs. Some of the government options will involve disinheriting your children in the event of the Postal employees and spouse's death. Employees make this choice every day when they rely solely on the Post Office options.
  • Assist employees in rolling over their TSP into guaranteed options where there is NO risk of losing money.

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For more information on how to learn more about your TSP and what is best for you please contact us.