Retirement Seminars

Postal Benefits Group seminars are designed to give the Postal employee the information they need, and in a way that they can understand. Our seminars are straightforward and to the point.

Our certifications and our thousands of meetings with real employees allow us to help employees in a way no one else can. Our seminars not only cover the nuts and bolts of benefits and retirement, but they contain real world examples that help the employee understand at a whole new level.

One-on-One Consultation

The most important aspect of our service is we offer employees the opportunity to sit down with one of our certified specialists. These meetings allow us to answer the employees specific questions and concerns. YOU WILL NOT FIND THIS OPTION WITH ANY OTHER SEMINAR.

What we Cover

  • Federal Employees Group Life Insurance
  • Civil Service Retirement
    • Pension Amounts
    • Survivor Benefits
    • Military Time
    • Social Security Questions and Answers
  • FERS Retirement
    • Pension Amounts
    • Survivor Benefits
    • FERS Special Supplement
    • Buying Military Time
  • Health Insurance
  • Early Out Decisions
  • Thrift Savings Plan
    • How a FERS employee can take full advantage of your TSP
    • The different funds within the TSP and how they work
    • Tax considerations in using your TSP
    • Withdrawal and Distribution Options for your TSP